Policy for data ethics



The Carlsberg Foundation's policy for and work with data ethics is an extension of the foundation's statement on our data protection policy. Carlsberg Foundation receives data from grant applicants via the application system, data in received emails, and data from individuals contributing to the foundation's analyses, applying for jobs with us, and in connection with our other activities. The foundation's data ethics policy covers the use of all forms of data and is therefore not limited to the use of personal information.

Free exchange of personal, research, and business information via emails, grant applications to the foundation, and in response to analyses and surveys is crucial for the effective implementation of the foundation's activities, for grant holders and applicants, as well as for our partners.

At the same time, exchanging information, data, and digitization entail risks of misuse, which can threaten both individuals' privacy, confidentiality, and the way we collaborate.

The digital environment is constantly evolving.

One thing that does not change for The Carlsberg Foundation, however, is our commitment to gaining and maintaining the trust of our partners, grant holders and applicants, employees, and other stakeholders.

1. We securely store data

1.1. The Carlsberg Foundation's IT usage is central to the efficient execution of our activities and in collaboration with our applicants, grant holders, employees, and business partners. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that all data shared and used - whether personal data or business data - is protected through the use of proven security features, effective processes, and reliable IT applications and vendors.

1.2. At The Carlsberg Foundation, we are committed to ensuring digital integrity for our stakeholders and the data we store or process on their behalf. We protect them against the growing risks of unlawful and harmful behavior from individuals or groups acting either recklessly or intentionally seeking to cause harm.

2. We comply with data protection laws

2.1. The Carlsberg Foundation recognizes the importance of having effective and relevant standards for privacy and data protection in all our activities. Therefore, we comply with the regulatory requirements for safeguarding personal data.

2.2. We are mindful of our stakeholders' trust that we store and process data with a respect that goes beyond legal requirements. Therefore, we safeguard all personal data, regardless of how and where it is used by the foundation in the conduct of our activities.

3. We use data with respect

3.1. At The Carlsberg Foundation, everyone contributes to ensuring that we only use data internally for analysis and statistical purposes, thus keeping individuals anonymous. Our secretariat is committed to ensuring a fair, respectful, secure, and non-discriminatory workplace, which ensures respectful handling of data as part of our work.

3.2. When we receive applications and otherwise collect data as part of our activities, we strive for high ethical conduct by not disclosing, selling, or otherwise granting external access to data that we have received. We use transparent privacy notices, and we minimize the digital impact on privacy through the technologies we use.

3.3. The Carlsberg Foundation respects individuals' privacy as part of our commitment to ethical business conduct and stakeholders' dignity.

4. Deviations

4.1. Exceptions to this policy cannot be granted unless the policy clearly should not apply. Deviations are communicated to the affected individuals without delay and are justified.

5. Updates

5.1. This policy will be reviewed as relevant and necessary, but at least every other year. It may be changed at any time with approval from the foundation's board.