Good foundation governance



The Carlsberg Foundation’s board of directors wishes to exercise good foundation governance in accordance with principles that ensure the utmost professionalism, openness and transparency in relation to our management and decision-making. The foundation has given consideration to the Recommendations on Foundation Governance issued by the Committee on Foundation Governance. We are following the recommendations, with the exception that, in accordance with the charter, the board’s members are elected for five years at a time and not the recommended two to four years.

Our awards

The general principles for the Carlsberg Foundation’s awarding of funding are set out in our charter. Our awards are effected through four departments: the Carlsberg Research Laboratory (department A), support for basic research (department B), Frederiksborg • Museum of National History (department C) and the Tuborg Foundation (department D).

Each year, the board of directors determines the total level of awards based on expectations of the foundation’s overall financial results.

Policy on engaged ownership

The historical basis of the Carlsberg Foundation’s ownership of Carlsberg A/S and its connection to the company is essential to the foundation’s policy on engaged ownership. The foundation exercises engaged ownership with respect for the fact that Carlsberg A/S is a listed company with a considerable number of non-controlling shareholders.