The Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes



Each year, the Carlsberg Foundation awards two major prizes to researchers who have made a crucial contribution to basic research: one in the field of natural sciences and one in the field of either humanities or social sciences. Each prize of DKK 1 million is awarded on the recommendation of a Prize Committee of Danish and international researchers appointed jointly by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and the Carlsberg Foundation.

Prizewinners of 2023

Literary historian Anne-Marie Mai and macroecologist Jens-Christian Svenning. Professor Anne-Marie Mai from the University of Southern Denmark has been awarded the prize for her contributions to Danish literary history research, which have altered our perception of how literature can be studied and analysed. Professor Jens-Christian Svenning from Aarhus University has been awarded the prize for his internationally acclaimed basic research spanning from macroecological processes to the development of methods and ideas for rewilding to benefit both the planet’s climate and its ecosystems.

Videos, profiles and reasonings

The Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes were instituted in 2011 to mark the bicentenary of the birth of founder J.C. Jacobsen. The objective of the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes is to support two active researchers, in Denmark or abroad, who have made crucial contributions to basic research and enjoy widespread scientific recognition.

Propose candidates for the Carlsberg Foundation's Research Prizes

Every year in January, the Carlsberg Foundation calls for proposals for receipients the Carlsberg Foundation's Research Awards in that year. All scientific staff at at least postdoctoral level employed at Danish universities and research institutions can propose a candidate. Submitted proposals are assessed by a prize committee consisting of researchers from both Denmark and abroad. Based on the assessment, the committee nominates two researchers to receive the prizes to the Carlsberg Foundation's board.