Data policy



Carlsberg Foundation collects personal data to manage and qualify the processing of grant applications and to conduct the foundation's various activities most effectively. Additionally, we use cookies on the website to create the best user experience. Gain insight into our data protection policy, data ethics, and cookie policy.

Data Protection Policy

Carlsberg Foundation collects and processes your personal information for the purpose of foundation administration and foundation donation. Protecting personal information is a high priority at Carlsberg Foundation. Therefore, we have developed a policy on how we handle your personal information at Carlsberg Foundation.

Policy for data ethics

Carlsberg Foundation's policy for working with data ethics follows the foundation's statement on our data protection policy. Carlsberg Foundation receives data from grant applicants via the application system, data in received emails, and data from individuals contributing to the foundation's analyses, applying for jobs with us, and in connection with our other activities. The foundation's data ethics policy covers the use of all forms of data and is therefore not limited to the use of personal information.

Cookie Policy

At Carlsberg Foundation, we use cookies to improve the website and provide you with the best user experience. By using the website, you accept that we store your cookies with us. Learn more about how and why we use cookies on our website, as well as how you can change or withdraw your consent from the Cookie Declaration on our website.