Autumn Call 2024: Carlsberg Foundation offers funding for independent basic research



The Carlsberg Foundation is inviting applications for funding in open competition for both the growth layer and senior researchers at Danish universities and research institutions. The funding will be granted for research ideas and activities that researchers themselves have formulated and designated as important. The deadline for submission of applications is 1 October 2024.

The Autumn Call 2024 offers funding instruments aimed at postdocs, younger associate professors and well-established professors within the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The primary purpose of the instruments is to ensure that researchers throughout the academic food chain get the opportunity to work intensively on their own research ideas. They will also help to ensure talent development and generational change, which are vital if Danish research is to maintain a strong international position going forward.

See specific funding instruments in Autumn Call 2024

Applications for the Autumn Call 2024 must be submitted by 16.00 CET on 1 October 2024.

Significant changes since the last call

Starting from the Autumn Call 2024, it is possible to apply for two research infrastructure instruments: 'Research infrastructure' and 'Digital research infrastructure'. The research infrastructure funding instrument is aimed primarily at applicants within the natural sciences seeking funding for the procurement of equipment and apparatus, while the digital research infrastructure instrument offers funding for the procurement of register data, the establishment of text corpora and the establishment of databases anchored in the humanities and social sciences.

Another major change compared to the Autumn Call 2023 is that the maximum amounts which can be applied for under Semper Ardens Accelerate and Semper Ardens Advance have been increased to DKK 7 million and DKK 25 million respectively. This change has been implemented as a result of the agreement on project supplements concluded between Universities Denmark and research-funding foundations as well as general inflation.

Another new initiative in the Autumn Call 2024 is that Semper Ardens Advance is now open to team applications. This means that up to four equal PIs can apply as a team. The Carlsberg Foundation has decided to accommodate this need for team applications expressed by the research communities.

Participate in a webinar on the Autumn Call 2024

The Carlsberg Foundation invites all interested parties to attend a webinar on the Autumn Call 2024. The webinar will focus on the various instruments, changes and updates to the call and the guidelines. Furthermore, the webinar will present the new budget template, which has been developed based on the introduction of the project supplement.

The webinar will take place at 13.00 CET on 28 August.

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